[Samba] Active Directory domain controller authentication order

Casey Allen Shobe casey at shobe.info
Tue Mar 9 14:11:55 MST 2010


I've found the following, as I only have read-only access to the sites and
services stuff:
* Our subnet is associated with our site definition.
* Under our site --> Servers, only the local domain controller is listed.

I also googled around and found out about "set l" on the command line, which
shows our local DC.  But I'm not sure how useful this is, because the VPN
tunnel has been broken for a couple days and the logins are more recent than

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 3:38 PM, Vaudo, David <DVAUDO at bentley.edu> wrote:

> Make sure the subnets in AD Sites and Services are correctly configured.  I
> believe they perform to functions:
> 1. To control DC replication traffic between sites.
> 2. To make clients authenticate with local domain controllers first.
> Thanks
> David
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> Hello,
> I'm curious if anybody knows how to configure the order in which domain
> controllers are contacted by clients for authentication purposes and other
> such stuff.  I've a situation where it seems that all our Windows computers
> are attempting to authenticate off of a remote server before the local one,
> which is backwards.  I'm not even certain where to check what they are
> actually attempting to authenticate against, but whenever a VPN tunnel we
> have to an upstream office breaks, logins and file share browsing and other
> stuff slows to a crawl.
> Thanks for any hints,
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