[Samba] Setting up LDAP Authentification - Tree design/search scope

Brother Railgun of Reason alaric at caerllewys.net
Mon Mar 8 11:04:50 MST 2010

On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 11:04:42AM -0500, Gaiseric Vandal wrote:
> But in terms of an address book, if someone has an LDAP address book 
> client (e.g. thunderbird) you can't prevent them from trying to 
> recursively query "ou=people,....) vs "ou=students."    You can advise 
> end users whether they should set  up two LDAP address books (students 
> vs employees) rather than one top level "people" one.    From the end 
> user pespective, a single LDAP directory will probably be simpler.
> So you would need to set ACL's to restrict access to "ou=other" OR to 
> restrict access to "ou=people" and then grant it back to "ou=employees" 
> and "ou=students."  You also want to make sure that certain fields 
> (passwd) are restricted so that only "administrator" accounts can access 
> them.  You can also configure whether anonymous users can access certain 
> information or not (e.g. names and phone numbers.)
> I use Sun's directory server as an LDAP backend.   I suspect most samba 
> users are using OpenLDAP.     I also suspect that LDAP attributes may 
> not be restricted by default as much as they should be.

I've never gotten around to actually setting up LDAP anywhere, though 
I've looked at it several times.  Each time I do, I come away from it 
feeling that LDAP suffers badly from "The wonderful thing about 
standards is that there's so many to choose from".  It seems it's so 
open-ended, and there are so many possible ways to set up a directory, 
that it becomes difficult to find any two LDAP-aware applications that 
actually use (and expect to see) the same LDAP schema.

How does one overcome this?

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