[Samba] Illegal characters in filename?

Daniel Frey djqfrey at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 19:55:22 MST 2010

I have a server that uses both NFS and Samba. I noticed on a Windows
client that some directories and files were in the 8.3 format, and
clicking on them resulted in an "Access denied." message.

I've since upgraded to 3.5.0 - now the "Access denied." message is
gone and I can enter and open files, but all of the names are shown in
the 8.3 format and are almost unreadable. I discovered that the
filenames in question have full colons (:) in them, and this is
illegal for Windows clients. Windows itself won't let you create a
file with an invalid filename.

I have listings like:


I was browsing around in smb.conf's man page looking for a way for
these files to at least be readable. Is there a way to map all of the
invalid characters in Windows that linux can use so they simply appear
as a hyphen (or another character?)

It would be so much easier than having to open each file to identify them.

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