[Samba] Working on open office

yudi shiddiq yudi.shiddiq at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 4 20:09:41 MST 2010

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On 3/2/2010 2:19 AM, yudi shiddiq wrote:
> I have a problem when working using open office(spreadsheet) that placed on samba file server.
> The problem is time to access/modify file from client(windows xp) takes a long time about 40 second.

Which version of OOo?  Does the server seem work ok for other things? Like how long does it take to copy a single large file?

> When the problems happen my solution is restart my samba, but of course break the connection to client(general input/output error).

Windows reestablishes connections automatically.  It should recover from the restart with no problems.  Unless the windows application actually attempts IO while Samba is unavailable, it should not even notice that it was temporarily down.


I'm using OO version 3.0.0, but other client use different version
maybe version 2, and some client use MS Excel 2003 and have the same
There's no problem to browse file on samba file server.

When copying file in a large size (about 1GB) i think there's no problem.

Is there any clue with this problem?

Thx Shiddiq


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