[Samba] Problems accessing a file share using kerberos

Pedro Côrte-Real pedro at pedrocr.net
Mon Mar 1 02:03:36 MST 2010

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 12:55 AM, Pedro Côrte-Real <pedro at pedrocr.net> wrote:
> I've upgraded to samba 3.4.5 and now the error message has changed:
> $ smbclient -U WIN/pedrocr //gsb-filer2/pedrocr -k
> ads_krb5_mk_req: krb5_get_credentials failed for
> gsb-filer2$@SU-GSB.WIN.STANFORD.EDU (Server not found in Kerberos
> database)
> cli_session_setup_kerberos: spnego_gen_negTokenTarg failed: Server not
> found in Kerberos database
> session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0
> before it was gathering a bunch of credentials before failing. Now it
> can't find the credential for the SU-GSB.WIN realm. I upgraded the
> whole distro so it could just be kerberos that is broken.

Any idea how to diagnose this or if it is even a bug?



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