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Thu Jun 10 02:36:45 MDT 2010

25 Mar 2001

pam_smbpass is a PAM module which can be used on conforming systems to
keep the smbpasswd (Samba password) database in sync with the unix
password file. PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) is an API supported
under some Unices, such as Solaris, HPUX and Linux, that provides a
generic interface to authentication mechanisms.

For more information on PAM, see

This module authenticates a local smbpasswd user database.  If you require
support for authenticating against a remote SMB server, or if you're
concerned about the presence of suid root binaries on your system, it is
recommended that you use pam_winbind instead.

Options recognized by this module are as follows:

        debug           -       log more debugging info
        audit           -       like debug, but also logs unknown usernames
        use_first_pass  -       don't prompt the user for passwords;
                                take them from PAM_ items instead
        try_first_pass  -       try to get the password from a previous
                                PAM module, fall back to prompting the user
        use_authtok     -       like try_first_pass, but *fail* if the new
                                PAM_AUTHTOK has not been previously set.
                                (intended for stacking password modules
        not_set_pass    -       don't make passwords used by this module
                                available to other modules.
        nodelay         -       don't insert ~1 second delays on
        nullok          -       null passwords are allowed.
        nonull          -       null passwords are not allowed. Used to
                                override the Samba configuration.
        migrate         -       only meaningful in an "auth" context;
                                used to update smbpasswd file with a
                                password used for successful authentication.
        smbconf=<file>  -       specify an alternate path to the smb.conf

Here is a sample PAM config line in the appropriate file/s in /etc/pam.d:

password required use_authtok use_first_pass debug

I hope that helps.

- John T.

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