[Samba] joining 2008 DC

Jiri.KOUTNIK at rb.cz Jiri.KOUTNIK at rb.cz
Wed Jun 30 09:23:37 MDT 2010


We have installed  Samba version 3.3.7 on AIX server.
So we use AIX version 6.1
samba sw pware.samba.rte

actually connected to WIN 2003 DC

We would like to upgrade our DC to WIN 2008, so the question is:

can we stay with installed Samba and go towards to upgrade DC to WIN2008 ?
or do we have to also upgrade Samba itself ? I mean before joining the new 
domain on WIN 2008 DC.

thanx alot for your answer,

best regards,

Jiří Koutník
RaiffeisenBank, a.s.
tel:       +420 222 115 105
mobil: +420 603 808 302
Czech Republic

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