[Samba] Samba Forum vs. Mailing List?`!

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 06:39:15 MDT 2010

> Thanks, but no, thanks.
> I totally agree with Linda.
> You'll only split up a group of people in two, so any chance of getting any
> help will be halfed unless you post on both the ml and the forum (and follow
> both).

winehq.org has a mechanism that syncs a mailing list and a forum
automatilcally so that any messages sent to 1 go to the other. This
limits the forums to 1 single forum and also prevents forum edits but
other than that it works fine. I rarely go to the forum since all 20+
of my mailing list subscriptions go to my gmail account which filters
each message out to its own folder. In gmail messages are threaded so
as long as everyone keeps replying to the same message instead of
creating new ones the thread stays together. And finally since gmail
has almost 8GB of free storage I do not delete forum posts so I have
years of samba posts, winehq posts, mythtv posts, openvz posts ...
that I can search.

John M. Drescher

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