[Samba] Samba Forum vs. Mailing List?`!

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Tue Jun 29 16:25:46 MDT 2010

Tom H. Lautenbacher wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I wanted to ask if there is an official Samba Forum, because I could not
> find any on the Project Page. If there isn't any, is there a particular
> reason for this not-existance?
	No need?
	Why do you need a forum with a mailing list?

	Forums are non-standard.  Mailing lists have software to process
them in many ways.  Many are archived -- not something you get with forums.

	Forums seems to be a 'windows' thing for users when companies want
to be able to ignore their user base.

	Emails cause the companies too much headache because the user's emails
end up in employee inboxes and cause distractions from doing "real work", so they
try to put users in forums, so they won't distract the companies' employees.


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