[Samba] file "time-to-live"

Benedict White Benedict.White at cse-ltd.co.uk
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You could write a bash script like this:

find /some/temp/dir/ -name "*" -atime 1 -delete

Where atime* indictates file was modified 1 * 24 hours ago.

(*There are loads of time based operators for find)

See http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/CGI/man-cgi?find for the find man page.

You may also want to use -P to never follow symbolic links.

Then once the batch file is created, chmod it to something like 750, and make it a cron job to run every hour.

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Hi everyone,

There is a way to make files being automatically deleted some time after
they have been created?
I know that, with some scripting wizardry i could achieve this, but i
wanna know if samba has this kind of feature.

I have a temp folder that users insist in use like a backup folder, so i
want to files to be deleted 24 hours after they have been created.

I cannot just delete everything at midnight because this folder is used
in full time, so if a user create a file at 23h59, it would be deleted a
minute later.

Sorry for my poor english and tks in advance.
Leonardo Carneiro
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