[Samba] preferred file system

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Tue Jun 29 07:26:48 MDT 2010

Moray Henderson (ICT) put forth on 6/29/2010 3:54 AM:
> Chris Smith wrote:
>> Is there a preferred file system (ext4, xfs, reiserfs, etc.) for
>> hosting Samba shares used by Windows clients? What do the devs use?
> I don't know about Samba preferences, but in the current Fedora/RedHat world, reiserfs does not appear to be a preferred filesystem: there's a thread on the Anaconda list at the moment discussing removing the reiserfs code from the installer.

Given the myriad of negative issues surrounding Hans Reiser, ReiserFS and
successors, it's not surprising that vendors, devs, and end users have been
fleeing in droves to other filesystems.

I personally use XFS on Debian Stable but with far more current self rolled
kernels using kernel.org source.  XFS sees constant consistent development,
its dev community being very active.  Patches seem to be submitted almost
daily.  It includes a sizable set of management tools including an online
filesystem defragger.  I've been very pleased with it.

There aren't a lot of filesystem benchmark results published for any of the
Linux filesystems, but of those I've read, XFS proves to have the best mix of
all around performance.

I suggest you post your question to xfs at oss.sgi.com.  You can post without
being a subscriber, but if you do, make that clear so people reply to you as
well as the list.


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