[Samba] How can Samba both work, and, suddenly stop working, simultaneously?

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Mon Jun 28 22:50:23 MDT 2010

Quoting Paul Branon (paulbranon at googlemail.com):

> I can only interact with the server from the local command line. (I
> haven't altered the allow hosts in the config file. I haven't changed
> anything) I used to be able to reach it from all the machines on my
> network with windows \\
> ERROR: the network path \\ was not found

A few more information might help getting the whole picture. For
instance, the ouput of "testparm -s"  (better that just sending out
smb.conf as it skips settings that have their default value).

Also, you should check what's appearing in samba log files when you're
trying to connect to the server.

As of now, it is more sounding like you have an external cause and
your problem looks like a browsing problem. Didn't one of the windows
machines steal the samba server IP address?

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