[Samba] AD + Samba/OpenLDAP

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 20:08:22 MDT 2010

So is the Samba server going to be configured as a member server or a PDC or
a BDC?  Are you treating the AD server as just an LDAP server?

You can use an LDAP browser (e.g. Active Directory Studio) to browse the
LDAP structure of an active domain server.   I think all the fields you
might need for samba are in AD BUT I think some of the names will not be the
same.  E.g., in my LDAP server used for Samba, I have fields like "sambaSID"
and "sambaProfile."  You could probably have a script to pull the data from
AD via LDAP to an LDIF file, edit the field names, and then import then back
into you non-AD LDAP server.

Or you may be able to configure your non-AD LDAP Server to do a referral to
the AD LDAP server for password or SID fields.

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Hi all,

Somebody knows if is it possible implement a replica sync between AD and
Samba3x/OpenLDAP using idmap backend to authenticate clients in
Samba3x/OpenLDAP server once was synchronized with AD ?


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