[Samba] Help to buy a SAN server

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NetGear and Buffalo make lower cost "workgroup" NAS server.   But this isn't
really a samba question.   You want to decide SAN vs NAS.     There is a big
range of stuff out there -  you may want to talk to a reseller if your
company uses one.  NetApp is a higher end vendor. EMC and Sun are the big
$$$ products.

I bought a cheap 1 disk "user size" NAS appliance from netgear.  I had to
return it.  It was using linux with a version of samba that was not
compatible with the version of samba running on my PDC.  I was unable to
join it to the Samba domain which meant I could not apply user permissions
to the files on the NAS.  I could not rebuild samba myself and there were no
patches from the vendor.  

NAS can be nice if you want your end user PC's to be able to access files
directly from the appliance.    And you can use it for backups if you want
to rsync data from your servers to it.

If you want to add more disk space to a server, SAN is they want to go.
The server will see the space on the SAN as a block-type "disk" device, not
a network share.  SAN is really most useful when you want to share a disk
storage appliance between multiple servers-  e.g. 70 % might be to add disk
space to one server and 30 % might be for another server.  SAN is also
useful if you are into fail over and virtualization.   Beyond the scope of
this discussion.   

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< Hi,
< I have to linux server and using samba beetwen all win xp and win7
< I need to have som SAN box that working az raid 5 and backup.
< What I find is just supporting windows OS not Linux.
< Do you have any sugastion?
< Thanks a lot,
< Best regards,
< Nasrin Khatami,
< nasrink at skarpnack.fhsk.se

Don't mix up SAN and NAS, both are 2 different things ;)
You are probably talking about a NAS than a SAN
What do you mean about "just supporting windows and not Linux"?
If they support SMB/CIFS or any protocol such as FTP, SSH, etc., you'll be
able to use them from your Linux
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