[Samba] Logging file creation with full_audit

Darren Hildebrand darren.hildebrand at primefocusworld.com
Tue Jun 15 09:04:57 MDT 2010

I'm trying to set up a samba server to audit only the file operations 
that I care about, which are create, modify, delete, and rename (for 
files and folders).  I've got the full_audit vfs module working well, 
except that I haven't been able to figure out what to set it to log (in 
the "full_audit:success" setting) to include file creation and 
modification.  If I log pwrite, then it floods the logs with many 
entries for every single file write, especially when writing large 
files.  I get almost 200 messages when writing a 10 MB file.  Is there 
something I can log to make it write a single entry on file creation or 
modification?  "Write" doesn't seem to log anything, but pwrite is far 
too verbose for my needs.

Also, creating an empty file doesn't seem to get logged either, even 
with "link" in the full_audit:success setting.  For example, if I 
right-click in windows explorer and create a new text file without 
changing the name, nothing is logged.

This is my current full_audit module configuration:

         full_audit:prefix = %u|%I|%S
         full_audit:success = mkdir rmdir write rename unlink pwrite link
         full_audit:failure = none
         full_audit:facility = local5
         full_audit:priority = info

Is there a way to get full_audit to log the way I'm looking for?  Or is 
there another audit module that would do better?  I'm just trying to end 
up with a nice clean audit log without unneeded entries.  Any ideas 
would be greatly appreciated.



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