[Samba] samba migration to another llinux distro

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 08:00:59 MDT 2010

> -  Don't use RAID5 for your /boot or OS slices.      If your raid
> configuration gets messed up the system can't boot.   A messed up mirror is
> easier to recover from.  RAID5 for your data is OK-  since at that point the
> OS is up and running.     Some of my colleagues argue you shouldn't even use
> a mirror for your /boot partition, but instead should just back it up to
> another disk.

At work I usually RAID 1 my 256 MB /boot with all the hard drives that
are also in the raid5/6 arrays. This is usually 6 to 10 drives. On top
of that I keep the OS on its own smaller raid 5/6. So my partitions on
every disk are usually

boot raid 1 (over all disks)
swap (seperate swap on all disks)
root raid (raid 5/6 over all disks)
data raid (raid 5/6 over all disks)

on top of the data raid I usually use lvm for simpler partitioning and
spanning across a second raid if I choose to do that in the future.


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