[Samba] DC replication

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 15:37:18 MDT 2010

Just to clarify, you used "net vampire" to pull the info from PDC1 to PDC2? 

Are you using LDAP or TDBSAM backend for samba accounts?  Are you using NIS
or LDAP or /etc/passwd for unix accounts?   I found that LDAP backend for
both samba and unix accounts  was the best way to make sure all the samba
DC's  had the identical unix and samba id's for accounts across all

When you run wbinfo on PDC2 it may actually be querying PDC1.     If I
remember correctly, if you are using an TDBSAM backend with a BDC you need
to create the samba account separately on the PDC and BDC.    I don't think
there is any reliable TDB replication in either direction.

Instead of configuring the 2nd samba server as a BDC you may want to
configure it as a member server.   

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So finally I got the net vampire to work.
I had to roll back to commit 62e0a74 bypassing all the updates done by
mdw at samba.org for now.

Now the replication

PDC1 is the first domain controller created by provision
PDC2 is the second is the second domain controller created by net vampire

on PDC1 I added user using "net newuser testuser1"
in few seconds it appeared on PDC2 using the command wbinfo -u

on PDC2 I added user using "net newuser testuser2"
it never appear on PDC1

Any idea what steps I'm missing here

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