[Samba] Installation and management of printer drivers from windows 7 clients (printers and faxes missing!)

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Mon Jun 7 01:19:41 MDT 2010

En/na Lars Erik Kolden ha escrit:

> It looks like I have configured everything according to docs, but when
> I connect to the samba server from windows explorer  there is no
> "Printers and faxes" icon, just the printers that are picked up from
> the cups configuration.

In a not unexpected twist (coming from microsoft, a company that 
routinely takes inspiration from Tomasi da Lampedusa's literary work[*]) 
it's called something different in windows 7 (I don't have a windows 7 
box at hand now, but it's "view remote printers" or something similar on 
the top address line).

> printer admin = root, @ntadmins, @smbprintadm

It's been deprecated for a while, you now have to grant the 
SePrintOperatorPrivilege to users/groups:



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