[Samba] Installation problem

Michael Wood esiotrot at gmail.com
Sat Jun 5 15:43:01 MDT 2010

On 5 June 2010 18:30, Miha Krajnc <miha.krajnc.mb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hmm, i installed dbus, and i could than start /stop smbd but still i couldnt
> conenct to it. THan i remembered i had a simmilar problem once, and i
> resolved it by installing the "samba4" package. I tried the same thing now,
> and i can connect to the server. But starting samba4 gives out these errors:
>  * Starting Samba 4 daemon samba

The Ubuntu samba4 package is still experimental.  You should not
install it unless you know what you are doing.

The description for the Ubuntu samba4 package on 10.04 contains this paragraph:

 These packages contain snapshot versions of Samba 4, the next-generation
 version of Samba. These should be considered _experimental_, and should
 not be used in production. In particular, no guarantees are made with
 regard to upgrades between versions.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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