[Samba] Need suggestion for domain controller

Daniel A. Creed Dan.Creed at thecreeds.net
Sat Jul 31 09:15:03 MDT 2010

Is this for a heavy duty production environment? The reason I'm asking 
is Samba4 (with is in alpha stage) functions nearly exactly like and AD 
Server (can even manage it using the windows tools) does dynamic DNS 
updates, and works great... It's pretty easy to setup on CentOS as 


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>     I wish to establish domain controller based on Centos 5.x.I am
> considering below setups.
> 1) Samba PDC
> 2) OpenLDAP
> 3) Combination of Samba PDC + LDAP
>     I am confused to select one among above.Can anyone please suggest 

All are valid. I mean when setting up a samba domain with open ldap
you should have at least 1 machine that is a PDC and at least 1
machine that has openldap on it. Unless this is a home install I
believe you should have at least 2 of each. The choice of how to
combine these services is up to the user. For my department (of less
than 50 users but 30TB of raid on a 100% gigabit network) I have 3 DCs
and 3 openldap servers. At the moment they are PDC + Openldap. Also
since I have no user shares on the domain controllers (all data is on
dual / quad core domain member servers) I have these as guests under a
vps (openvz or lxc).

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