[Samba] [Ubuntu 10.04] Share not visible from XP?

Marcello Romani mromani at ottotecnica.com
Wed Jul 28 09:03:43 MDT 2010

Gilles Ganault ha scritto:
> At 15:16 28/07/2010, you wrote:
>> Try pinging the ubuntu server via ip address. If that works, then try 
>> to connect to the share by using the ip address instead of the 
>> hostname, e.g.:
>> \\ip-addr-of-server\share
> Thanks for the help. I can connect through its IP address (I could 
> already work with SSH and HTTP), but it doesn't work with the NetBIOS name:
> "\\ubuntu\share - The network path was not found."
> If you know Ubuntu 10.04, could there be some security that prevents 
> Samba from working?

My servers are pure debian, so no I don't know of Ubuntu specific tweaks.
I'd try to enable wins in samba and raise its os level (though it should 
already be higher than xp), but it could also be that xp refuses to 
revert to netbios name resolution (i.e. broadcast). I've seen this 
behaviour once, but can't remember right now what it was exactly...


P.S.: try to respond to the list, or you'll lose potential help :)

Marcello Romani

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