[Samba] windows 7 professional Samba share access denied

motty.cruz motty.cruz at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 16:00:43 MDT 2010

Hello Thanks for your reply! Before posting my question on this list, I
google this problem and visited just about every forum  for windows 7+ samba
share access denied error, I edited the windows registry to no joy!.


I had couple of machine in my network using vista which worked fine with the
samba share but windows 7 I had no success. As mentioned before it works
well with the \\ip-of-samba-machine <file:///\\ip-of-samba-machine>  but
does not work using \\samba-machine-netbios-name\
<file:///\\samba-machine-netbios-name\>   NetBIOS is enabled in Windows 7. 


I believe the problem lay with samba machine, that the reason I posted my
question in the list, I wonder if someone out there had the same or are
experiencing the same problem as mentioned above. 





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Make sure win7 has netbios on.  A WINS server can help.  Need more data

On Tuesday 27/07/2010 at 1:34 pm, motty.cruz wrote: 

I'm a newbie to this list and hope I'm in the right place. 

I have a FreeBSD 7.1 running samba version 3.3 with windows 2000 AD. I can
access the share using ip address of the share machine but if I try to
access using \\sambaShare\folder1 <file:///\\sambaShare\folder1>  it prompt
me for username and password,
(it should not prompt me for username and password because i already login
to the domain). However, I entered username and password and I get an error
message "username or password incorrect" although I entered correct username
and password. Any suggestions? 


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