[Samba] Samba 3.3.8/LDAP/Hide unreadable

Thorsten Habich thorsten.habich at telefonica.de
Tue Jul 27 03:15:05 MDT 2010

Hi !
I've configured Samba 3.3.8 (RHEL5 stable) to use LDAP as Passdb 
Backend. For
resolving filesystem permissions I'm using pam_ldap and nscd for caching.

Winbind is disabled.

I recently noticed that there are many LDAP Requests. It seems these 
requests came
with the hide unreadable option in the share. I'm not sure if it's only 
when accessing
directories via symlinks.

The LDAP Requests causes bad performance. So does anyone know how to reduce
these requests?



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