[Samba] Help on Samba 4

Amitava Chakraborty amitava.chakraborty at cesc.co.in
Mon Jul 26 02:44:46 MDT 2010

We are trying to install Samba 4 on a RHEL4 update 4 machine and are facing
problems. We have downloaded the samba4 tar ball from 
After untarring it we have done
cd source4
But at this stage itself we are getting the following error:
/root/Samba/source4/wscript: error: Traceback (most recent call last):
admin/Utils.py", line 198, in load_module
  File "/root/Samba/source4/wscript", line 11, in ?
    import wafsamba, Options, samba_dist, Scripting
  File "../buildtools/wafsamba/wafsamba.py", line 53
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Can anybody kindly help us?
Amitava CAhkraborty

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