[Samba] Intermittent file rename problem with Vista, works with XP.

Massner, Keith kmassner at mgmresorts.com
Fri Jul 23 15:32:08 MDT 2010

So...   It's been driving me nuts.  I get intermittent permission denied
errors when I try to rename a folder.  T

I do something like the following (the number of steps to cause the
failure varies):
Rename folder1 to folder2 works
Rename folder2 to folder1 works 
Rename folder1 to folder2 nope

Bouncing smb on the Linux server temporarily corrects things.  Out of
frustration, I tried an XP machine, and can't get it to break, so
SOMETHING with Vista, I guess. 

What I'm trying to do is have a wide open share. Permissions are set on
the files and directories as specified below, all files belong to
keith:keith.  The files were initially created through Linux.  No
extended atrributed are set.

Operating system is CentOS 5.5,  Samba is 3.5.4.

        log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
; Take this out once you figure this crap out.
        log level = 3
        netbios name = marvin
        usershare owner only = false
        null passwords = yes
        server string = Samba Server Version %v (%h)
        security = SHARE
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
        max log size = 50
        preferred master = Yes
;       acl check permissions = No
        guest ok = Yes
        guest only = Yes
;       nt acl support = No
        cups options = raw

        path = /storage1/SharedMedia
        force user = keith
        force group = keith
        read only = No
;       acl group control = Yes
        force create mode = 0666
        force directory mode = 6777
        directory security mask = 6777
        force unknown acl user = Yes
        map readonly = permissions

Anyone have any thoughts?

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