[Samba] Some Xp Client do not save Profiles

Michele Moscioni michele at italsoft.191.it
Thu Jul 22 00:47:20 MDT 2010

Hi everybody,
I have a samba-3.0.28-0.5 server running on SUSE sles 10 SP2 as PDC with 
It worked fine form months with 25 windows xp SP2 clients storing user 
Now with two client installed on march and a new client intalled on 
june, the user profile is not saved  anymore on the server.
It happens with different users, the same users on other clients work fine.
I checked log messages but nothing of strange seems to appear. It simply 
do not save these profile anymore.
The only indication tip I receive from the system Administrator is that 
he changed then windows computer name on the first two clients and that 
the new client was formatted and re-installed witha a new computer name.
Have anyone some suggestions for understand this behaviour?

Thanks in advantage for help.

Michele Moscioni


Via Paganini, 57

62018 Potenza Picena (MC)
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michele at italsoft.191.it

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