[Samba] Machine password change fails

Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at gmx.com
Mon Jul 19 02:58:06 MDT 2010


I posted my problem of clients loosing their domain membership a couple
of days ago. I now could track it down to a problem with machine
password changes in the domain. When a client changes its machine
account password, it loses domain connection afterwards, i.e. 'net rpc
testjoin' gives NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.

I have attached a winbind log which shows the problem; it first says
"Changed password", then immediately afterwards the connection fails. I
did a tcpdump which showed pretty much the same; first a successful
password change and then a login failure. I have no idea how to debug
this further. I can provide the tcpdump capture if neccessary.

Clients are using Ubuntu 10.04 with samba 3.4.7 and Linux 2.6.32; Server
is Debian 5.0 with samba 3.2.5 and Linux 2.6.26. PDC is configured to
use LDAP as passdb backend, this is also the UNIX user db for both
server and clients (using libnss-ldap/libpam-ldap).

Thank you,

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