[Samba] login with email

Flávio Fonseca ff at darkpenguin.com.br
Fri Jul 16 08:05:09 MDT 2010


  I'm trying to implement samba with ldap using email as user login. But on 
windows XP clients when I insert a user with @ in the user name it removes 
the Domain field from the login dialog box and what ever comes after @ is the 
login its gonna look for. 
  Anyone knows a way to either be able to use @ in the user name and be able 
to select the domain to join or any other sugestion to make it work, 
something to configure on windows station or samba server? In my case I have 
a domain named MyDomain and a email domain MyDomain.com.br. I'd like to have 
a login like user at MyDomain.com.br and be able to select the windows domain 
MyDomain at login.
  Thanks you all for your attention. Any suggestion is very welcome.



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