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Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
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Hello Götz,

grep yourself ldapadmin to administrate samba3

What means to a certain point? You must add the machines on your centosbox
to samba/ldap with the
smbldap-tools (This never worked with my version). I did it with ldapadmin.


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some time a go I started to try a migration form our "old" samba PDC with
smbpasswd user backend to a new ldap based.

I got to the point, that users can login to shares and now I'd liked to set
up the server as an PDC with ldap and machine accounts too.

The smbldap-toosl are installed and configured and I can add a machine to
ldap to a certain point.

The ldap entry is created, but when I restart the XP client there is a
pop-up at the login window with the message, that the domain is not
available. (The domain I joined a few minutes ago.)

I restarted the samba server, I restarted the xp client, waited some time
over night for the browser announcement to finish. Deleted the cached files
on the sambe server in  /var/cache/samba/ ...

May be I missed something or deleted something I shouln't ...

The server is centos 5.5, openldap-2.3.43, samba-3.0.33.

The Client is windows xp SP3 with all latest patches and no modifications to
the registry or anything else.

In the logfiles is not clue to me.

Any suggestion or help is appreciate!

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Götz Reinicke

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