[Samba] Using +<group> in "valid users" is not working

Lee, Andrien Andrien.Lee at railcorp.nsw.gov.au
Mon Jul 12 18:00:45 MDT 2010

Hi Björn
Thanks for your response.  The problem I'm having is that "payoff" in this instance is actually a UNIX group.  If I set valid users as "+payoff" I get the same problem with the same error message.  It just isn't recognising that bbancroft is a member of the local UNIX group payoff.

Andrien Lee

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On 2010-07-12 at 14:19 +1000 Lee, Andrien sent off:
> I have included a level 3 log from log.smbd up to the first rejection, along with the relevant smb.conf info that I am aware of.  The log is for a connection to a share with "valid users = @payoff", where bbancroft is a member of the payoff group.

make sure you don't run into the 16/32 Groups/User limitation of Solaris and
also make sure to use @DOMAIN\group instread of @group.

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