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> Date: Monday, 12/07/2010 12:38 AM
>> Of course, my users only visited each others' offices "occasionally".
>>> If you have tons of movement between the offices, a one-domain
>>> solution may be forced upon you...
>>> Unfortunately, a lot of users are roaming users (teachers with laptop, 
>>> and
>> users). My plan is that I will set up separate profile shares on both 
>> side,
>> but at least they can use their own username and even change their 
>> password.
>> So, I would like to try the multi-PDC scenario with master and slave 
>> server, but I worry about a little.

It makes very little sense to have multiple PDC's, and only adds to 
both administrative and user confusion IMHO.  Give the present 
workings of OpenLDAP, just pick a replication strategy the makes sense 
and use a single domain.   I've built and run a single domain on a 15 
node VPN with multi-master OpenLDAP backend, and it is remarkably 
> How are you intending to keep roaming profiles in sync (the files on
> the server, not the stuff in LDAP)?  Are you going to use rsync?

Unless users jump from office to office, why bother.  I would set road 
warriors with local profiles and and sync their stuff in a manner 
appropriate to there schedules/primary location.
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