[Samba] two PDCs

Scott Grizzard scott at scottgrizzard.com
Mon Jul 12 01:40:15 MDT 2010

> Of course, my users only visited each others' offices "occasionally".
>> If you have tons of movement between the offices, a one-domain
>> solution may be forced upon you...
>> Unfortunately, a lot of users are roaming users (teachers with laptop, and
> users). My plan is that I will set up separate profile shares on both side,
> but at least they can use their own username and even change their password.
> So, I would like to try the multi-PDC scenario with master and slave LDAP
> server, but I worry about a little.

How are you intending to keep roaming profiles in sync (the files on
the server, not the stuff in LDAP)?  Are you going to use rsync?

Scott Grizzard
Scott at ScottGrizzard.com

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