[Samba] two PDCs

Tamás Pisch pischta at gmail.com
Mon Jul 12 00:15:16 MDT 2010

> I have a PDC with master ldap backend and a BDC with slave ldap backend
> (both are SaMBa 3.2 on Debian Lenny). I want to install an additional SaMBa
> server on an another site (on Debian Squeeze). The two sites is connected
> with VPN (on not so reliable ADSL lines). I read an interesting network
> scenario in the Samba Guide chapter 6: theoretically it is possible to
> install one PDC on both site, with the same domain, server name, and SID. I
> like this idea, but: is there anyone who tried that, have experience with
> it?
> No, but your best option is to simply use LDAP replication and install an
> LDAP server on the remote location server.  This way, auth traffic on the
> remote is always local (saving bandwidth) and is available regardless of the
> link being up or down.  Do the same with DNS, and you'll be quite happy with
> the results as will your users.
> Thanks. Of course, local LDAP and DNS is fundamental. My problem is the
modifications (user and machine account passwords). It is written to the
master LDAP server. As Scott wrote me, I could set up multi-master
replication, but it is very hard.

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