[Samba] Multiple VLAN/subnet recommendations

Mark Fox mark.fox at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 09:25:41 MDT 2010

We're using Samba in several schools. We generally have a single Samba
server acting as a domain controller in each school. Until recently, this
has worked very well. The number of workstations on our school networks has
been steadily growing. Among other things, this has convinced us to split
some school's networks into several VLANs/subnets.

To add complication, the server running Samba is always connected to the
network via an aggregated link (ie. bonding), and, for performance/DHCP
reasons, has an address on each VLAN/subnet. Our preference would be that
Samba traffic use the local address on each subnet and thus the aggregated

For illustration, let's say we have two sub-nets, and, respectively on VLAN 2 and 3. Our Samba server has
addresses, and on each subnet. Our router would
happily route between the two sub-nets. So accessing the server via either
address will work on both subnets, but the local address will take advantage
of the aggregated link and the non-local address will be constrained by the
router's single gigabit connection to that subnet.

This would all be on a single Samba domain as well.

I've read that Samba can be given multiple netbios names and multiple
configuration files to achieve something like what we want. But the posts
were very old. Has anything changed? Is there a better way to achieve what
we want now? Maybe what we want really isn't what want.



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