[Samba] smbcquotas tells me that "quotas are not enabled"

Luke Hamilton graf_ignotiev at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 9 14:05:38 MDT 2010

I think you're right in that quotas aren't enabled on the NAS itself and there 
doesn't appear to be any way of doing so.  If I'm to do this, I may have to 
invent some way of enforcing quotas for the remote machine at the client.  

But before I get elbow deep in Perl code, I want to try putting a quota on one 
of the Samba shares.  Is that possible?

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>Luke Hamilton put forth on 7/8/2010 7:31 PM:
>> I have a setup of  Ubuntu 8.04 running Samba 3.0.28a.  Connected to our network 
>>  have a buffalo linkstation acting as Network Attached Storage (NAS),  which I 
>> have successfully mounted on the local file system.
>> Using smbcquotas I believe I can set up a quota for each user  on the NAS.  To 
>> get started, I run the command:
>>  smbcquotas // -S FSQFLAGS:QUOTA_ENABLED -A  
>Is the Buffalo NAS?  If so...
>>  But I get the error:
>> Quotas are not enabled on this share.
>>  Failed to open \$Extend\$Quota:$Q:$INDEX_ALLOCATION  
>Does the Buffalo support NTFS5 and is  quota capability enabled on the Buffalo
>SMB server?
>> I'm  trying to figure out why my command fails.  Shouldn't that enable quotas  
>> the first place?
>Not if the Buffalo NAS isn't  already configured to support quotas.  As I
>understand it, this  command sends a packet to a remote SMB server telling it
>how to  (re)configure quotas on a given share.  If quota capability isn't
>already  enabled on the remote SMB server this command will fail.  I think that
>is  what is happening here.  I'm no expert on this, just making a somewhat
>educated  guess.
>See:  man smbcquotas


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