[Samba] Can't connect with rpcclient

Rob Moser Rob.Moser at nau.edu
Wed Jul 7 12:23:51 MDT 2010

Hi All,

I am trying to install Windows drivers on a samba (3.5.4) print server,
following the instructions here:


(The instructions for using the simpler Windows Add Printer dialogue do
not work for this driver.  It must be configuring necessary things in
the driver's install script.)  The entire method seems to revolve around
my installing the drivers locally on an appropriate machine and then
getting the information about them off of that machine via rpcclient.
But I can't connect to the Windows XP box with rpcclient; it just
returns the error:

Connecting to host=
Connecting to at port 445
Connecting to at port 139
Error connecting to (Success)
cli_start_connection: failed to connect to<20> (
Cannot connect to server.  Error was NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

Even on debug 10 it returns no more information between or after those
lines.  The unix local log.smbd file shows it looking up the user and
returning SIDs for various groups, so I'm assuming that its found the
user all right.  I can see it doing a SPOOLSS_ENUMPRINTERS and getting
back my printer name, so it looks like it actually _has_ connected to
the server... but then it just returns the message saying that it
hasn't.  Windows, maddeningly, doesn't seem to log a failed connection
with a reason anywhere that I can find.

Can anyone help me discover why I can't use rpcclient to get driver info
out of a Windows XP box?  And/or have any hints for getting drivers
loaded onto the print server?  (Samba Wiki has a page thats even more
out of date than the one I linked above - I'll happily update it if
anyone can help me find what works!)


     - rob.

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