[Samba] Problem After Upgrade - NT_STATUS_FILE_IS_A_DIRECTORY

Leandro Tracchia itmanager at alexanderconsultants.net
Wed Jul 7 11:19:43 MDT 2010

> This is truly a bad idea. That XP share should be
> mounted by the workstations just like the server
> shares. Move the data to the server, or use the XP box
> as a server to directly serve those who need the data
> on it.
> Cheers,

Why is this a bad idea? We've been running this setup 
for a few years now and its been working fine until we 
upgraded. The XP box only allows 10 user limit for 
shares, so that's why we mounted it to the Ubuntu 
server and shared it with Samba instead of having to 
pay for Windows Server license.

The problem with simply moving the files over to the 
Ubuntu server is that the files on the XP box are 
stored on a RAID array that comes with a controller 
card whose driver is really only designed to be run on 
Windows, not Linux.

I'd have to setup mdadm on Ubuntu, which I've done 
before and was not impressed. The Windows RAID system 
we have is much more easier to maintain.

I don't want to get off topic here, I just want to 
know why Samba is giving me trouble browsing these 
mounted directories.

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