[Samba] net ads testjoin

Khaled Blah khaled.blah at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 6 02:49:58 MDT 2010

Is there anyone who can help with this question?


2010/4/30 Khaled Blah <khaled.blah at googlemail.com>:
> Can anyone give me any hints please? I've read the man pages for
> smb.conf and for net and then I read the manual about the "net
> command". Still, I don't know what testjoin actually does or tries to
> do.
> Regards,
> Khaled
> 2010/4/26 Khaled Blah <khaled.blah at googlemail.com>:
>> I hope bumping is not frowned upon in this list :)
>> cheers,
>> Khaled
>> 2010/4/24 Khaled Blah <khaled.blah at googlemail.com>:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I am new to this list and hopefully I am at the right place. Firstly,
>>> thanks to everyone involved in this project. You do a great job!
>>> Now, I use "net" to join Windows AD domains and was wondering where I
>>> can find out more information on what happens during a "net ads
>>> testjoin". The information I found on the documentation pages of net
>>> or smb.conf on the website did not say much about it. I have noticed
>>> that a "testjoin" will ask for a password when the domain membership
>>> is not valid and it'll ignore kerberos tickets. Is there something I
>>> am missing here?
>>> I am grateful to any insight you guys could give me!
>>> Regards,
>>> Khaled

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