[Samba] sambaLogonScript [another] problem

Leonardo Carneiro - Veltrac lscarneiro at veltrac.com.br
Mon Jul 5 12:26:13 MDT 2010

Hi there, i'm having another problem with the samba logon scripts. Like 
i said in the previous thread, in my smb.conf is defined to users use 
group defined logon scripts:

logon script = %G.bat

In the previous thread we also reached the conclusion that when the 
desired logon script of the users matches the logon script defined in 
the smb.conf, i can't have it defined in the ldap database, otherwise 
the script would not load.

But it happens that when i create a new user, the sambaLogonScript entry 
in the ldap database is set to %G.bat, exactly the entry i MUST NOT have 
to load the script. Since i'm expanding my network and tons of new users 
are coming, i trying to keep things very organized. I'll need to change 
this entry for every new user or there is a smarter way to do this?

I'm using Samba 3.4.7.

Tks in advance and sorry for my poor english.
Leonardo Carneiro

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