[Samba] Possible to use idmap hash with nss info adex (and have them cooperate not just coexist)

Trever L. Adams trever.adams at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 08:45:19 MDT 2010

  I am wanting the auto uid/gid mapping of idmap hash, but the rest of 
the functionality of idmap/nss info adex. I do not know if this is 
possible. Below are my questions.

A few questions about idmap and nss info. I like the idea of idmap_hash. 
I want to us it. However, I would like to use nss info adex. Can these 
two be used together? Or do they conflict somehow? Also, if I have six 
domains (DOM1-DOM7 for simplicity), and they all trust each other. Given 
the definition for the local domain (all 7 on their machines) as:

idmap backend = hash
idmap uid = 1000-4000000000
idmap gid = 1000-4000000000

winbind nss info = adex
winbind normalize names = yes

Would I then do:

idmap config DOM# : backend = ad
idmap config DOM# : range = 1000-4000000000


idmap config DOM# : backend = hash
idmap config DOM# : range = 1000-4000000000

If the answer is that I must create an idmap_adex_hash, is anyone else 
interested in such a hybrid?

Thank you,
Trever Adams

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