[Samba] Samba3 to samba4 migration

Luciano Andre Baramarchi luciano at multitasknet.com.br
Fri Jul 2 06:07:01 MDT 2010


I realized the following test:

I create a domain in S4 the same SID and NETBIOS NAME as the S3. Then I created some users in the S4 domain and changed to have the same SID of S3. With this, simply remove the machine from the domain S3 and S4 in the field include again (did this through a script) and the user logged and kept his profile on the windows. I released the script as the domain logonscript of S3. So all that connected to S3 domain  was moved to S4 automatically.

This would be an acceptable way? What problems might happen?

Ps.: It's easy to make a script that takes data from S3 to the S4 (I use OpenLDAP with S3).

The S4 is getting very good!

Thanks for all.

Luciano A. Baramarchi

Em 30/06/2010, às 19:00, Indexer escreveu:

> Hi,
> We are in the same situation with large user/group/machine set needed to be ported to the new s4 world. The only solution i can see at the moment would be to dump the contents of the appropriate LDAP sections (it being users/group/machines/etc) into ldif(s) in a format acceptable by s4 and then add them using ldbadd (and possbly sync using ldbmodify later on).
> Would it be a worthwhile to add "yet another net cmd" utility to allow importing stuff from existing LDAP infrastructure (maybe conceptually simmilar to existing vampire cmd)?

Slightly off topic, but is Samba4 planning to support openLDAP as a backend, potentially, able to convert a live running samba3 PDC with OpenLDAP to samba4 with no change (for the negative) to users or machines etc? I am just finishing deploying samba3 as a PDC with OpenLDAP, but the organisation I am doing this for wants to keep OpenLDAP in long term use, with hopefully no disruptions to the Users. The ability to upgrade to samba4 on top of this would be exactly something that we have in mind (hopefully!)

Thank you four all your continued work, it is greatly appreciated and keeps me running one less heater.... i mean windows server.


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