[Samba] Default Hidden Disk Shares

Steve Tempest Steve.Tempest at gts.apn.com.au
Fri Jul 2 02:39:24 MDT 2010

Have a look at expandrive and use ssh... Exposing the root dir via samba isn't a feature the community would support

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Interesting to see you say it's dangerous. The way the Windows version works
is that you have to be part of the Administrator group to be able to see
them, which I would have thought secure enough?

Who would I contact to request this as a feature enhancement?

Thanks, Rob.

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On Thu, Jul 01, 2010 at 02:01:22PM +0100, Atkinson, Robert wrote:
> Windows automatically creates an Admin level disk share as \\server\volume$
> <file:///\\server\volume$> .
> Can anyone tell me if Samba automatically does the same without having to
> define these in SMB.CONF?

No, sorry. That would be rather dangerous IMHO. You can
easily define these yourself if you need them and export
the root of the filesystem.


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