[Samba] Intermittent authentication error

Andrew Melchert Andrew_Melchert at pillar.com.au
Thu Jul 1 00:40:17 MDT 2010

I have an intermittent authentication error between a Windows 2003 Server and AIX 6.1 TL4 Samba 2.2.7. I have the Samba server passing auth details to an active directory server. The account exists on AIX but is locked and there is no smbpasswd entry (this is how I setup all my samba shares). On the Windows server a mapping has been created to mount this path on restart. In most cases this works fine but from time to time it fails with authentication issue. Rebooting the Windows server fixes the problem but I would like to find the root cause and fix it. I have setup debug level 2 and got the following. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  Couldn't find user 'aonunitp' in passdb.
  Rejecting user 'aonunitp': authentication failed
  Couldn't find user 'aonunitp' in passdb.
  NT Password did not match for user 'aonunitp'!
  Defaulting to Lanman password for aonunitp
  Couldn't find user 'aonunitp' in passdb.
  Rejecting user 'aonunitp': authentication failed
  aonprod ( connect to service aonunitp as user aonunitp (uid=512, gid=1) (pid 4530328)
  aonprod ( closed connection to service aonunitp
  aonprod ( connect to service aonunitp as user aonunitp (uid=512, gid=1) (pid 4411538)

security = server
password server = dc1
AIX account
aonunitp id=512 pgrp=staff groups=staff home=/home/aonunitp shell=/usr/local/bin/no_shell gecos=Functional Account - XPLAN login=false su=false rlogin=false daemon=true admin=false sugroups=ALL admgroups= tpath=nosak ttys=ALL expires=0 auth1=SYSTEM auth2=NONE umask=22 registry=files SYSTEM=compat logintimes= loginretries=3 pwdwarntime=4 account_locked=true minage=1 maxage=6 maxexpired=7 minalpha=2 minother=1 mindiff=2 maxrepeats=4 minlen=8 histexpire=0 histsize=4 pwdchecks= dictionlist=/usr/share/dict/words core_compress=on core_path=on core_pathname=/tmp/cores core_naming=on fsize=-1 cpu=-1 data=262144 stack=65536 core=2097151 rss=65536 nofiles=2000 unsuccessful_login_count=0 roles=



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