[Samba] [Announce] Samba 3.5.0rc2 Available for Download

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Sun Jan 31 23:05:02 MST 2010

Quoting Karolin Seeger (kseeger at samba.org):
> Release Announcements
> =====================
> This is the second release candidate of Samba 3.5.  This is *not*

Debian packages for 3.5.0rc2 were uploaded to Debian experimental as
of Sunday Jan 31st.

Many special thanks to Michael Adam for bringing a new configure
option for the *.dat files location. That allowed us, Debian
maintainers, to drop the very last bit of code changes meant to deal
with file locations that were not fitting the Debian view of the FHS.

The Debian diff is now very minimally restricted to Debian specific
changes that are not suitable for upstream inclusion (mostly
documentation stuff).

The Debian packaging team for Samba will now discuss the opportunity
to bring 3.5 packages in Debian unstable:

- release Debian squeeze with 3.5 instead of the now quite rock solid

- consequences for Ubuntu?

Anyway, we again renew public thanks to Karolin's for her tremendous
job in release management. The entire Samba Team also deserves thanks
for their commitment to follow their release manager. A predictable
upstream release policy is the best that can happen to distro

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