[Samba] Dual booted clients with different name drop each other out of domain

Walter Mautner retlaw.rentuam at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 16:15:38 MST 2010

Am Samstag, 30. Januar 2010 20:20:15 schrieb Roman Muñoz:
> Hi,
> I'm setting some Ubuntu Karmic clients on a school net. PDC is windows
> 2k3 r2. I realized that DHCP server sends only "school", not
> "school.net" as domain name. I have been told that AD configuration was
> migrated "as is" from an older windows release. I used a "supersede"
> line on client's dhcp.conf to get a correct domain name. I'm not
> authorized to do any configuration change on PDC but could see the event
> log, etc.
> Client machines are dual booted: XP client and Ubuntu client on the same
> machine get different unique names. Ubuntu clients are configured
> following the guides available on the Net, and are working quite well:
> domain users can logon and shares are mounted.
> But XP and Ubuntu keep dropping each other out of domain. Any ideas?
Would be a good idea to change the MAC address on one of the multiboot setups.

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