[Samba] layout of folders

CList centoslist at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 13:57:25 MST 2010

Dear all,

I hope my question was not asked before and I do not want to be repeating
the same question by other users. As I do not know what is the correct term
use to my question, thus I am unable to do google.

I had created 5 users and created their folders in /home/staff/user1,
/home/staff/user2, /home/staff/user3 so on, and added path and security to
these individual users in smb.conf. Whenever I login to the samba using any
of these users, I found out that all the folders will be shown. Is there a
way to put all the users into a main folder called Staffs. So when I login,
I will only see the main folder Staffs. After clicking into the Staffs
folder, then I will be able to see all the users folder? Please pardon my
English and I hope that good people like you will understand what I am
trying to express myself.

Thank you  

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