[Samba] Samba 3.4 Panic in Debian

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Wed Jan 27 23:41:00 MST 2010

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon at debian.org):

> > Referring to the SUBJECT: Where is this leading to a panic
> > in Samba 3.4, I got lost in the meantime.
> I'm afraid I don't know.  I was cc:ed on this somewhat mid-thread, and
> haven't seen any panics; what I know about is http://bugs.debian.org/566977,
> which reports that after upgrade to MIT Kerberos 1.8alpha1, samba domain
> joins are failing because of the need for allow_weak_crypto to be set before
> setting DES tgs enctypes is permitted.

Our user reported that panic stopped when he updated MIT Kerberos to
1.8....then, of course, he jumped into problems related to the use of
weak encryption (at least this is my understanding of all this...).

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