[Samba] Problem installing print driver to Samba print$ share

Åke Holmlund holm at informatik.umu.se
Wed Jan 27 14:01:11 MST 2010


I'm trying to install (using the "Add printer" wizard on a client) a 
Postscript driver for a Sharp MX-5001N multifunction copier/printer/etc 
machine to a Samba print$ share. The installation seems go ok but when I 
try to access the printer properties I get a dialog box stating that "... 
printer driver is not installed on this computer... Do You want to 
install the driver now?" The same thing happens when I try to install the 
drivers from the server on another client.

I do NOT want to install the drivers locally on all the clients...

Is there a way around this problem?

We are using Samba 3.4.4 on Sun Solaris 10. We are not using Cups. I have 
tried to install the driver from Win 2003 server and Win XP.

Thank You!

Åke Holmlund
Umeå University
Dept of Informatics

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