[Samba] Printer sharing with 64-bit Windows clients

Daniel Johnson Progman2000 at usa.net
Tue Jan 26 11:44:22 MST 2010

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I have a problem accessing a CUPS/Samba shared printer on a Windows XP x64
Professional system (WinNT5.2 kernel).  It seems from my searching that
this is a problem affecting only 64-bit Windows clients, but perhaps not
all 64-bit Windows clients.

See also:

I'm running Samba v3.4.5 on a 32-bit Slackware v13 virtual machine, Linux
kernel v2.6.29.6.  CUPS is v1.3.11.  I have produced a log level 5 output
showing two clients connecting to the Samba system and trying to view
properties on the printer.  The 32-bit client "Manager2b" succeeds, the
64-bit client "MasterIm64VM" does not.  The logs (and config) are in
 (116kb, MD5SUM 04672e49116c4596820812db5cb8cdfb).

Detailed steps:
Both clients can browse to \\PrintA\ and see the printer "LJ2200-A" and
the "Printers and Faxes" icon.  Double-clicking the "Printers and Faxes"
icon works and shows the printer again (now with "Add Printer" above it)
BUT the 64-bit system shows the printer name as a box now.  Copying and
pasting that box gives the non-ASCII hex values "e3 a0 88".
Right-clicking the entry and selecting Properties gives a box with a red
X saying "Printer properties cannot be displayed.  Either the printer
name was typed incorrectly, or the specified printer has lost its
connection to the server.  For more information, click Help."

The first obvious issue I see in the log occurs at line 14,505 in

[2010/01/26 11:39:01,  4] rpc_server/srv_pipe.c:2297(api_rpcTNP)
  api_rpcTNP: \spoolss op 0x45 - api_rpcTNP: rpc command:
  checking name: \\PrintA\ã <88>

For what it's worth, another server running Samba v3.4.3 with CUPS v1.3.7
has no problems with 64-bit clients (so far).  I have been unable install
Samba v3.4.3 on the first server...Neither 32-bit nor 64-bit systems are
able to connect at all with v3.4.3 running on the server.

Daniel Johnson
Progman2000 at usa.net / djohnson at progman.us
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