[Samba] Testparm: "rlimit_max: rlimit_max (8192) below minimum Windows limit (16384)" - SOLVED

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Mon Jan 25 13:10:38 MST 2010

> I just installed samba on a new server, 3.4.5-42, 64 bit version from 
> Sernet, over CentOS 5.4.
> When running testparm, I get the following warning:
> rlimit_max: rlimit_max (8192) below minimum Windows limit (16384)

In order to make the necessary change permanent, I entered the following 
line in "/etc/security/limits.conf":

* - nofile 16384

The warning previously given by "testparm" is now gone.

 From "limits.conf"'s header:


- the wildcard *, for default entry
- nofile - max number of open files

End of quote»

Thanks to those who answered my question.

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